02 Okt 2021

Tropical Space Experience in Architecture

Basically, the wider society generally knows that architecture is just a building. Architecture is not just about buildings, but also about how to plan buildings to function properly, how to make it looks interesting, and how the spaces in them are match and have a good effect to the environment and surroundings. Because architectural space is not an independent entity from its environment, the separations and integrations between space and its environment will creates an experience. This experience is based on the relation between subject and object, which is expressed by our reaction to the space.

This space experience is very important in a building. How to make people in it feel the “impression” so that it will make the building feels comfortable as the tropical areas support the existence of the building. This experience can be in the form of how it sense and atmosphere when entering a space, not only in terms of visual design and material objects, because the experience of this space is more than just a physical space, it also affects the atmosphere and environment as well as the users themselves.

Therefore, to create a good space experience, it needs arrangement to the space. This is what will affect the impression of people or the environment to the space. Things that can be done is to create a space layout with surprises such as adding a reflecting pond at the terrace area where the water splash in a tropical atmosphere that will make users feel comfortable, calm, and relax. The addition of softscape elements such as shade trees also affects the user’s psyche which makes an important contribution to fresh and clean air circulation, especially if you are in urban areas with high levels of air pollution.

The placement of a vertical garden with hanging plants or vines in a vertical area will also add the impression of the user’s space experience, add a sense of simple and aesthetic, even though if the area is limited. Space experience can also be obtained by placing a pond with footsteps in the middle of pond for a space divider between one building with the other building, so this is will create an open space impression to the building and make users feel relaxed, by enjoying the beauty that created by the pond.

Adding a fountain in the front area of ​​the building will give a welcoming impression, and also add statues or stones to give more natural impression. Forming trees with unique shapes and arranged in the garden area can make users feel more comfortable as a place to relax, reduce fatigue and stress and have more value in addition to providing aesthetic value to the whole building.

The arrangement of lighting and color in a tropical space will give the experience of space through the eyes and its relationship with the experience of feeling. Lighting and shadows affect the orientation in the space. For example, the placement of lights and the color of the yellow lights and the spotlight of these lights at night will make the atmosphere warm and comfortable to look at.

So here’s the examples from Sodhana Mitra Amerta’s Project, which is put a tropical space experience into the project. So first, it is Y House Kalibata. It is a house with requirements of an open plan, uniting elements of water, natural stone, wood, air, and natural light.

So, at the front of this building, there is a large vertical tropical space that makes a point of view to this house, with lots of greenery so that it seems natural and the air circulation is cool and fresh.

Next one is Tudor 3 House. It is a house with tropical pitch roof design, horizontal simple form and minimum selection of natural materials located in Sentul City. This house put a tropical space experience which is create a pond in it with adding vertical garden above it which is filled with hanging plants so that it looks good and creates a relaxed atmosphere so that it will affect the mood and psychology of the user.


By : Cahaya Suksema 



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