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Somia Design Studio has ventured throughout Indonesia with projects in Bali, Jakarta,Surabaya, Labuan Bajo, West Sumba, and other parts of Indonesia.

Somia Design Studio was founded by Widiadnyana as First Principal. Widi graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) in Bandung, Indonesia, with more than 20 years experience in architectural design. Prior to Somia, Widi had worked at PT Airmas Asri in Jakarta and in various offices in Singapore such as Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd, Andy Fisher Workshop, CPG Consultants.

Established as a design-oriented boutique studio, the studio maintains a small team size. Somia’s projects are typically concentrated in private residences, resorts, hotels, and other estate type commissions. A strong expression of materiality is present in our projects, stemming from a desire to research, innovate and adapt to its surrounding context and to the Client’s dream.

At Somia, every day is never the same, and we love it.


What we believe

“Design for everybody is design for nobody”

We acknowledged that everybody is unique in their own ways, differentiating their needs with everyone else. Responding to the particular needs and characteristics of each of our customers, we approach every project to meet every exceptional necessity of every customer.

“Understanding the business, customer, and technology”

We believe the foundation of a great design is in the depth understanding of the business, the target customers, and the knowledge and appreciation of technology. Collaborating those three in our design will result in an innovation which is meaningful, feasible, and profitable.

“Designing for the experiences”

We don’t create a pretty design. We create a creative and imaginative design to be an innovation which delivers a design with great experiences. Thus, each design tells a story, where not only it is answering the design problems, but also overflowing the users with emotions.

Who’s Behind Somia

The Somia Design team is made of a bunch of young designers who are highly passionate, visionary, and unique design taste. The leaders have more than 20 years of experience in architectural and interior design, with extensive technical experience in construction. This combination brings freshness in design perspectives, with maximum quality of design outputs.

Widiadnyana S.T., IAI

Design Director Architecture & Interior Design

Parahyangan University, Bandung, West Java

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2004, started his professional career in architecture working at PT Airmas Asri until early 2006, continued his professional experience at architecture field in Singapore until 2012, and then founded and raised Somia Design until now.

Ajeng Arsista S.T.

Managing Director

Parahyangan University, Bandung, West Java

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2004, started her professional career in architecture working at PT Ciriajasa KP until 2005. After that she entered marketing filed as Product Consultant and Marketing Architect in Arch-Q Design Consultant until 2006. In April 2006, she continued the journey in PT. Delami Garment Industries as Interior Planning until 2007, and finally decided to moved in to Bandung and founded RUANG-Furniture-Architecture-Interior. When she married in 2011 and moved to Bali, she joined PT.Ciriajasa CM until 2012, and from early 2020 she decided to joined Somia Design until now.

Ayu Amaradipta S.T.

Head Studio Design & Project Coordinator

Parahyangan University, Bandung, West Java

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2008, started her professional career in architecture working at HR Studio until late 2014. In December 2014 she continued his personal experience in the world of architecture working at Fusionarc Architects as a Project Architect until 2019, and become Architectural Project Coordinator until early 2021. After that, she decided to joined Somia Design team as a Head Studio until now.

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