Umalas 27 Residence

Architect                       : Somia Design
Location                        : Jalan Umalas II no 27, Kerobokan, North Kuta
Land area                      : 534 sqm.
Floor area                      : 1449 sqm.(3 storey)
Structure consultant   : Saka Undagi
MEP consultant           : Amep design
Lighting designer        : Somia Design Studio
Main Contractor          : Surya Indra
Photographs                 : Indra Wiras




In Bali's vibrant Kerobokan district, Umalas 27 finds its place as a strategic hub for tourism, perfectly positioned at the crossroads of city convenience and peaceful living. With a sought-after location that's not only close to attractions but also surrounded by amenities, this spot has become a hotspot for both local and international property investors.

Umalas 27 was conceived to be a serene weekend escape and a desirable short-term rental destination, showcasing a new take on architectural innovation. Its unique placement at the meeting point of a bustling street corner and a gentle river brings an element of dynamism. Occupying a generous 534 sqm site, the residence seamlessly follows the contours, gently descending toward the riverbank.

The fusion of site dynamics and client wishes sparked a creative journey, resulting in a challenge—a design that effortlessly connects with the river, adapts to the urban surroundings, and ensures privacy for the user. Umalas 27 emerges as a tribute to creating an immersive spatial experience that resonates deeply with its inhabitants. The journey to realize Umalas 27 was a symphony of collaboration, interweaving the architect's vision with the client's aspirations, all while finding resonance within the context that surrounds it.

This design doesn't stop at arranging spaces—it extends to embrace its façades, adorned with a vibrant palette that radiates energy. The building's exterior, brought to life with careful light color choices, aligns beautifully with the client's vision. Across three levels, each story unfolds its narrative, thoughtfully curated to blend harmoniously with the building's position and surroundings.

A study in addition and subtraction defined the building phase—establishing solid façades (lower ground & 1st floor) alongside transparent expanses (ground floor). This elegant interplay creates shades, manages rainfall, and invites natural light and air into every corner.

Entering the ground floor reveals a welcoming communal space—a seamless flow connecting a living lounge with a working space that has a direct and comprehensive view of the river, dining area, and open kitchen. Strategically positioned service spaces shield users from road noise, enhancing privacy and serenity.

Descending to the lower ground reveals a poolside retreat, where the gentle waters harmonize with the river's calming rhythm. An ensuite guest bedroom, gym, and sauna converge to create a holistic sanctuary. Dual access points—via an indoor staircase linked to the ground floor open plan area and an outdoor staircase connecting to the carport—ensure effortless movement.

The first floor elevates the experience, with an ensuite master bedroom and two children's rooms with a shared bathroom, gazing over the river. Privacy and comfort intertwine, facilitated by vertical louvers encasing the bathroom, allowing natural light in while safeguarding intimacy.

Umalas 27's architectural and interior design goes beyond mere contemporary, modern-tropical buildings, embodying the essence of a weekend haven and a captivating rental home. Characterized by expansive openings and tasteful minimalism, this design ensures easier maintenance and gives a clean and well-maintained impression through the design.