Sujiva Residence

Architect : Somia Design Studio
Principal architect : Widiadnyana
Architect incharge : Denny Krisnantara, Syifa Dwia.
Location : Jalan Tukad Badung V No 4a, Renon, Denpasar, Bali,Indonesia.
Land area : 300 sqm.
Floor area : 100 sqm.(per unit / 2 storey)
Structure consultant : Saka Undagi
MEP consultant : Loka Prasanti
Lighting designer : Somia Design Studio
Main Contractor : Loka Prasanti
Photographs : Indra Wiras

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Denpasar, Renon buzzes with various activities, from businesses to education and tourism. As Bali's administrative nucleus, it thrives as a dynamic epicenter. Against this backdrop, Sujiva Residence emerges as a response to the need for sophisticated short-term accommodations for those for those coming to Renon from other places.

Built on a 300 m2 area, Sujiva Residence is divided into three plots, each 100 m2 (4.5 m in width, 22 m in length). Oriented from north to south, its elongated layout presents a unique challenge in channeling light and airflow. This challenge is met through the strategic arrangement of three bedrooms and supporting spaces, effectively combating potential dimness and lack of air circulation that can happen in elongated plots.

Optimizing the available space, Sujiva Residence elevates vertically, comprising two floors. The ground floor welcomes guests with a foyer, dining area, living room, and kitchen, thoughtfully positioned after the entrance to establish a harmonious public zone. A double-height ceiling in the living area enhances the sense of openness. A central void artfully delineates the boundary between public and private zones, leading to the main bedroom and ensuite. This layout not only ensures abundant natural light and cross-ventilation but also maintains privacy.

Ascending to the second floor, a bedroom overlooks the ground floor's public space, with openings that connect to the central void. An access pathway crosses the vertical openness, leading to the third bedroom with a shared bathroom at the back.

In response to Renon's vibrant pace and the tropical climate, Sujiva Residence employs cooling materials and a sleek design aesthetic, characterized by black and light gray monochromatic tones. This careful selection provides respite from the heat while blending harmoniously with the environment.

Designed with subtlety and humility, the Sujiva Residence presents an unassuming yet captivating façade. Although conceived as a two-story structure, its impressive frontal aspect, akin to a one-story construction, is achieved through a skillful roof tilt system, lending a visually simple and contextually harmonious appeal. Distinguished by monumental boundary walls, each soaring up to four meters high, Sujiva Residence effortlessly commands attention—harmonizing form, function, and impact within its dynamic urban context.