Kaliage Private Resort

Architect                  : Somia Design
designer incharge  : -
Location                   : Kaliage Island, Kepulauan Seribu Regency.
Land area                 : 4,6 Ha
Floor area                 : 9,850 sqm.
Interior designer     : Somia Design.
Photographs             : -

We are inspired on how to build on a land surrounded by the ocean. With infinite and beautiful ocean view, there is an existing ecosystem in play that we can adapt to sustain a new life on the island.

Our concept is about harmonizing with nature. Starting with how seawater would evaporates into the atmosphere, condenses forming a cloud and its rains nourishing the island. This cycle will repeats and so on. This idea of water cycle on the island forms an inspiration for the villas concept we are proposing. We are challenged to develop a design that co-habit and give back to nature.

We are adding the concept of shelter as the new life support on the island. This shelter concept is in a formation of a roof. The roof shall appear light almost floating just like a cloud, this is a representation of nature sustaining new life underneath.

Under the roof we are able to create buildings to suit occupants’ lifestyle and necessities. Such as communal spaces, shaded outdoor areas, viewing deck, etc.
The roof is also detached from the buildings underneath to create a rooftop space in between. The rooftop spaces will become private area for contemplation with elevated view to the surrounding ocean. We believe these design strategies will create a balanced experience living on the island.