05 Nov 2021

How Interior Design and Architecture Can Work to Create a Seamless Whole


In a building design, architectural design is something that is built first than the interior design. In doing an interior design, we should pay attention to several things so that the design can blend with the architecture. These things can be seen from the aspects of design principles and the elements of interior design. If the design doesn’t matching with each other, it doesn’t mean the design is wrong or failed. It’s like you wear a raincoat and mix it with a kebaya, actually there’s nothing wrong, It’s just that the style is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye or does not connect. Likewise with the interior and architecture, there is nothing wrong with the architectural design of the building with the concept of vintage luxury and then the interior use the pop art concept.

Every human being has an aesthetic desire for something. In psychological, seeing something that has good aesthetic value will have an impact on human psychology, can overcome psychological problems so that it can raise one’s mood. Both architectural designs and interior designs that are integrated with each other will create a certain aesthetic value. The aesthetic value can be obtained if the design successfully fulfills the aspects of the design principles. But there are also many people who don’t really care about the aesthetics of a space in a building. Surely some of us have experienced something like this. When entered into a house / dwelling in which the interior of the room is not in tune with the architecture of the building. If the part of the architectural dominant use forms are symmetrical and angular, stylized minimalist, but the interior dominant use other forms of organic, curvy and stylish vintage. Not a few case that may we see in this life.

Then how to realize that interior design and architecture can blend with each other? When designing a building, as a team architect-designed interior, each project completely unique and different. We must absorb the client’s values, needs, and wants. We should examine the site and its location more deeply. Then see how we can solve the problems. There is no sense of separation between interior and exterior. To create a good design, need to integrate both into a whole that is running and functional. How architecture is designed with a certain concept, the interior design must also use the concept that are related with the architecture, so that the aesthetic value had been reached. All aspects of the design principles and elements must be considered. The ideas, colors, materials, textures, style and shapes in the interior must be integrated with the exterior (architecture). To create a design interior, should pay attention to aspects earlier. On the principles of design, which must be considered are as follows :

1. Unity

Each of the elements of the design must be mutually fused with a good, mutually supportive, complementary, blend and looks harmonious. With their unity and harmonization in each of the elements of the design, it will look perfect and in accordance with the concept that has been determined. For example be compatible on the colors, patterns, shapes, materials on the interior and architecture of the building.

2. Balance

The interior design of the well is a design that has a balance, every design has a portion that is the same and doesn’t look more leaning on one of the elements, things have to be noted that all elements in harmony and balanced.

3. Rhythm

The rhythm in this case is the existence of a harmonious order and  arrangement. Rhythm is very important in enhancing comfort and aesthetic value. Both the architecture and the interior, in its design should display the elements of the element that has the rhythm in the arrangement. Of course, the rhythm of this should be an integrated one each other.

4. Scale and proportion

Each room has the impression that a different, sometimes feels cramped and in some rooms the other feels very spacious. It is the one that becomes a factor the importance of scale and proportion to create the design of the interior. Don’t let the interior elements have a scale and proportion that can interfere with the architecture of the buildings.

5. Focal Points

The focal point or point of interest is something that becomes the focus of attention or highlights an element that will be the main spotlight and even gives a good impression at the first glance entering the room. An element that will find also should be designed with styling that is similar to the architecture of the building .

Of the principles of the design of the above , should be designed with aligned or mutually integrated so that can realize interior design-architecture that is good. Can be done by considering the use of colors, materials, textures, design concept, lines concept, which is in harmony between Interior design and Architecture. If this has been implemented, then the interior design and architecture will run aesthetically and functionally, of course also sustainable with each other.

By : Miralya Afalina

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