Talaud Resort

Talaud Resort
Project Type
Sara Kecil Island, Kepulauan Talaud
Total Land Area
16,9 Ha
Total Building Area
20.260 M2
Grand Total Area
61.110 M2
Design Period
September 2021
Construction Period

We are so proud and happy to have the opportunity to take part on this resort project. This project is a breakthrough from the government to expand tourism in Indonesia’s border areas. The government wants to develop physical infrastructure to support tourism and make one of the islands to be used as a resort as a mainstay tourism icon in the Talaud island.

This project is located in the Kabupaten Talaud, precisely in Sara Kecil Island which is an uninhabited island and still filled with dense forests with tropical vegetation. From here, we get inspiration to design by taking the base form of natural elements using the Metaphoric-dynamic shaped method.

Some of the natural elements that we took here, such as the application of the shape of waves, conch, grasshoppers, and leaves in designing the shape of the roof of this resort building. This roof is designed not only to become an icon of the Talaud Resort but also to protect the entire building from the various weather there.

Apart from taking shapes from nature, we also highlight local culture/traditions in Talaud as an inspiration for resort designs. The Mane’e tradition is one of the traditions of mass fishing that has long been carried out by the people of Kakorotan Village in Nanusa District, Talaud Islands Regency, North Sulawesi Province. From that tradition, we got the idea of designing a master plan, especially the curved floating cottage area.

There are two basic ideas in the resort design concept. The first one, with the multi-generational living concept, the resort is not only a place that can be enjoyed by families but also can accommodate the needs of the elderly, young couples for honeymoons and can also be used as a place of recreation with friends due to its complete facilities.

The second idea: dynamic activity. We tend to find many resorts located on isolated islands, not providing many options for activities, but here all generations can do all activities. From diving to enjoy the underwater wealth, jogging in the forest area, aviary cage, yoga or spa at sunrise point, beach club at sunset point, sports such as volleyball at the sports centre and also available chapel and ballroom for wedding parties.

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