Suksema Villa

Suksema Villa
Project Type
Somia Design
Jalan Griya Mas, Tumbak Bayuh, Badung, Bali
Land Area
268 sqm
Floor Area
197 sqm
Design Period
August 2018 - January 2019
Construction period
December 2018 - February 2020

In Balinese, Suksma means being grateful and thanking for all the positive things that happen in life. With this philosophy, this commercial villa is hoped to bring positive synergy, may it be from the layout as well as the comfort of staying in it.

With area of 268m2 size, Somia Design incorporated the brief from client, land analysis, and space layouting to achieve outdoor proportion to be 30% of the size of the land.

There are 2 main building mass, set apart by a rectangle-shaped swimming pool. The pool is oriented from the East to the West, so it has good exposure to sunlight throughout day time. This 3.6 x 8 m pool, surrounded by tropical greeneries, also serves as a calming feature for the villa.

The North Villa is a 1 bedroom accommodation villa with semi outdoor bathroom. It includes pantry, dining, and living lounge with two views to the pool and the garden.

The South Villa is a 2 story accommodation villa with 2 bedrooms. The ground floor has living lounge with view to the pool, and dining pantry with view to the private garden.

The concept took tropical phylosophy, to respond to its surrounding environment. Every project designed by Somia has strong and unique characteristics, and this is shown in this Vila Sukseme as well. It uses materials from Balinese traditional buildings, i.e., exposed red bricks. To complement, it also has exploration of orange color paint containing clay, giving rough texture to the walls.

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