Misol House

Misol House
Project Type
Jalan Pulau Misol, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Land Area
352 m2
Number of Storey
Ground Floor
100 m2
1st Storey
100 m2
Design Period
June 2017 – July 2017
Construction Period
October 2017 – May 2018

The Compact Artistic House

Dense neighbourhoods with heavy traffic have become a typical urban atmosphere in many cities. The area at Jl. Pulau Misol, Denpasar where a plot of land owned by a young couple is located, is no exception. The Client wanted to build their dream house on this plot of land. The house is then called “Misol House” after the name of the street where the house is located.

Located off the Denpasar’s artery road, the “typical urban atmosphere” becomes pronounce for this plot of land. The Client, however, does not fancy that atmosphere be brought in to their house. Another consideration, among other things, is the city’s tropical climate conditions. Thus the implementation of the right concept in realizing the Client’s dream house in urban area becomes the main challenge in this project.

Urban House Design

Sits on a 352 square meters land, Misol House was initially designed to adopt American classical architectural style. The owner, a pilot by profession, may be inspired by the houses in the countries that he has visited. As a consultant, the Architect has a moral responsibility to advise the Client that the American classical architectural style is unsuitable for Indonesia’s tropical climate. Instead, Somia Design Studio offers the idea of a tropical urban house as an ideal concept to respond the tropical climate conditions in Bali. Challenges on the tight land area and the dense neighbourhood are responded by balancing the ratio between the built-up areas and the open space areas. Open space provision aims to maximally absorb rain water as well as maximizing reforestation areas to reduce harmful carbon in the city. It could also reduce the surrounding temperature and increase the percentage of urban void. The allocation of the built area and open space ratio is made 50/50 to avoid solid impression on the building mass.

The process of synchronization between Client’s needs and desires was addressed by exchanging thoughts intensively between the Client and the Architect to sort out the suitable and ideal design to be applied. The tropical urban house concept applied to Misol House creates many voids within the house, allowing penetration of sunlight as natural source of lighting and optimizing natural ventilation. The living room and dining room, located on the ground floor, are designed with full height glass walls to optimize natural lighting. The use of glass wall makes the architecture alive by exposing the activities inside the house.

The Client initially wanted the whole house to be in white colour to give the impression of cleanliness. The Architect offers the ideas of applying two colours concept on the building, which are white and grey. This way the Client’s desire on achieving a clean, simple, quiet, and bright impression can still be psychologically achieved without having the house to appear monotonous.

The house is also equipped with a wet kitchen that is separated from the dining room, large enough to accommodate heavy cooking activities that the Client likes to do on daily basis. A separate kitchen space also aims to avoid contamination to other rooms from the odour generated from the cooking activities.

The layout of the house is designed based on the Client’s specific brief. Master bedroom with attached master bath room is located on the ground floor, while the two other bedrooms are located on the upper floor with a shared bath room. The bedrooms are designed not too large as the users tend to have high mobility, and the bedrooms are mainly used for resting and sleeping activities only. In addition, by designing the bedrooms that are not too large, the residents are expected to spend more time in the living room together with other family members.

A green pocket with a medium size tree is designed between the master bath room and the kitchen, providing green element in the middle of the house. The existence of this green pocket would add a peaceful and beautiful impression to the house.

Balconies are provided on the upper storey, which are designed as such that the privacy of the residents is preserved but at the same time the visual connection with the outside environment is not cut off. Trees are planted on the balconies for cool ambience. A roof with void covering the balconies is provided to preserve the privacy of the balconies and shelter the balconies from the weather, but at the same time allows for plants to grow. The void on the roof is designed as such that the person standing on the balconies will not be seen by the neighbours on the same floor level.

A combination of Client’s needs, practicality, and artistic values, Misol House is not only comfortable and compact, but also a house that spoils the eyes and mind of the residents to ease the stress from the urban hustle and bustle.

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