Witrishna Artistiari

Architectural Designer

Bachelor Degree in Architecture - Parahyangan Chatolic University, Bandung, Indonesia

Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Witrishna started her career as an intern at Somia Design Studio and Tan Tik Lam Architect, and then worked at Bensley Design Studio for a year. She found her passion in residential design when she was working as an intern. She’s interested in contemporary-minimalist architecture, especially Japanese architecture which focuses on simplicity, comfort and functionality. For Witrishna, architecture is not only about aesthetic pleasure, it should also make people live in comfort by focusing on the user’s need. If the users are not happy by living in that particular dwelling, even if the design was good, it’s not an architecture for her.

Working at Bensley Design Studio has exposed her on tropical-thematic-luxury design, and she learnt that minimalist architecture is not the only ‘God’ of architecture. To achieve certain things, architecture also needs to stimulate human’s senses by creating dynamic spatial experience and applying color to the design. Witrishna worked as one of the interior design team for Wellness Centre in Vietnam and also worked as one of the landscape design team for Apartment Complex in Hangzhou, China.