Putri Meyer

Interior Designer

BA (Hons) in Interior Design – Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with BA (Hons) in Interior Design, Putri gained experience as Junior Event Planner and Designer at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur. Putri started her career as interior designer when she did an internship at Design 2000 Pte Ltd, Singapore in the summer of 2016. She then moved to Bali and joined Somia Design Studio in Bali as interior designer till now.

BOSCH product launch, CIMB annual party, weddings, Barber Shop (proposal), and Al-Syakirin Mosque (proposal) were some projects that Putri was ever involved in during her career in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

At first Putri was just interested in how to make an interior space aesthetically pleasing and coordinated, by choosing the right color, decorative items and furniture to fill the space. But when she started practicing in the industry she found that there’s more to interior design than just that. It’s a passion to create a holistic approach to synchronize both the architecture and interior. And she believes that “We eventually grow from our mistakes, both in life and in the design industry. We have to be bad to be good at anything.”