Gerry Surbakti

Architectural Designer

Bachelor Degree in Architecture – Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia

Graduated from the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gerry started his career at Somia Design Studio as an intern. During the internship, Gerry was exposed to and inspired by some big names in architecture such as Geoffrey Bawa, Kerry Hill and Bijoy Jain, which he has not learned much during his study. Upon finishing his internship at Somia, Gerry learned architecture is not only about looks and trends, but more into recognizing and responding to the context, creating quality spaces, and putting some soul into it. He believes that those aspects are the things that make architectural works become timeless. Gerry found his passionate in hospitality projects and decided to continue his career at Somia Design Studio as a junior architect. Working on some private house, resort, villa, restaurant and office projects, Gerry keeps his contribution to the studio and putting his values into each of the projects. Although a lot of efforts are required and a lot of time spent realizing a project from concept to construction, Gerry keeps his faith that nothing worth-having comes easy.